Signing up… again.

It is *amazing* to me how hard it is to get people to sign UP instead of sign IN.

C: It says my password is wrong.

M: We are signing UP for an account, so you don’t currently have a password.

C: Then how is it wrong?

M: You don’t have a log in, so if you’re trying to log in, it won’t recognize a password.

C: I had an account 5 years ago, but I don’t remember that email…

M: That’s okay, we are creating a *new* account so you don’t need that email.

C: What password do I use? I don’t remember the one I had 5 years ago, is that okay?

M: That’s fine, this is a brand new account, so you can use any password you like.

This continued for 30 minutes and *every* time I asked what the top of the page said, they said, “It says log into my account!!”I explained maybe a dozen times that we are not logging in, we are signing up.

Were they elderly? Nope, just a regular millenial. Were they on some hard to use site? Well, 52% of Americans are currently subscribed to the site, so somehow half the country has managed to sign up for it. Was there an option to sign up? YES, every time we made it back to the home page, the person said “It asks if I already have an account, then says to sign in or sign up.”
I directed them to sign up… and the battle began anew. After 30 minutes I suggested they visit a location so a person could help them IRL. I couldn’t do it anymore, guys.

What do you think?

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