She “worked” here before

I work in a collections department for a large bank. The people in this story are: Angry lady (AL), John Smith (old manager who no longer works here), and me.

Me: Hello this blah blah in collections, how can I help you?

AL: I received a letter saying that I am past due and my account will close if I don’t pay. (She then proceeds to read the entire letter to me)

Me: Yes that would be correct you are x amount past due and x days past due. Your last payment was on x date, do you want to set up a payment?

AL: I have not been paying because I have not received any statements since the last time I paid so I thought a payment wasn’t due.

– So at this point I confirm her address is still the same and make sure that her statements aren’t being suppressed. There wasn’t anything wrong, so I tell her that it might be an issue with the post office.

AL: If it was an issue with the post office then why was I able to receive this letter but not my statements? Can I speak to “John Smith” the manager that signed this letter to me?

Me: No ma’am that letter is automated and they do not work here.

AL: How do you spell your name? What department are you in again? You’re just having trouble finding them. I retired from “Bank” and I know how things work there. Do you work in “State 1” or “State 2” (we have 2 main headquarter locations)

Me: I work in “State 2”

AL: *scoffs* THAT’S why.

Me: Okay well would you like to set up a payment?

AL: No I won’t be paying until I can see the statements showing how much my payments are.

Me: Okay well do you have access to online banking because you can see the amounts on there?

AL: No I am too old for that I don’t use that. (LITERALLY every single job at the bank uses computers all day. Please tell me how you worked here without using them)

Me: Okay well I can get someone to send another statement out but there is a possibility that it will not arrive before the account closes on x date. You are still responsible for payments on the account each month.

AL: Yes I would like another statement sent out. I’ll pay when I receive it.

So I get her someone to send the statements out and send her on her way to another department. I still don’t understand how she worked on computers at a bank but can’t do online banking. I also don’t understand how someone who worked at a bank doesn’t know that a payment is due on an account every month regardless of statement issues. This lady was in her late 50s, so it’s not like she was incredibly old either. I found it super funny that she thought some manager personally addressed this letter to her.

What do you think?

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