So for some context I’ve worked in a call centre for over 8 years. At first I really liked the job – it paid generously and the benefits were great and kept getting better. Over the years more targets were added and AHT/Wrap went further and further down to the point where ten seconds in wrap would get a manager jumping down your throat. We learned new processes without being paid more for it and weren’t properly trained.

The stress was getting to me. For a while I pretended like it was okay but it really wasn’t and I wasn’t coping. I did a really stupid thing and handed in my resignation without having any other jobs to fall back on and now I’m regretting it. During my notice period I have gotten job offers at other call centres – but I’m worried that I’m just going to end up back in the same situation I was before, but with less pay.


Needless to say I’m sick of call centres. I’d do anything to escape them to a less stressful but I don’t see an alternative. For those who did escape – how did you do it? What did you do?

What do you think?

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Is it normal to not be able to handle call centre work?

Sometimes we have to get off the phone. This doesn’t mean your issue isn’t getting resolved.