Just venting about work today

Not so much a story but list of things I want to whine about.

Anybody who does chat or phone support knows that you can’t get through a week without a few people being rude about something you have no control over. I got some rants pent up so will combine them all so I don’t explode on the next jerk. Today’s dumpster of a human apparently thought I just didn’t feel like helping him. (All names are made up)

This guy told me at least 4 times in a 10 minute chat how “unhelpful” I was and how bad the customer service was. Even after he told me he was in a hurry, and to be quick and thorough and clear with the whole 3 steps in the process he wanted me to do for him. And I was both quick and thorough. Dan just couldn’t follow instructions.

Do people really not know that a customer service rep will almost always do everything they can for you when you ask? Asking me to do things I literally could not do, and acting like I’m bad at my job because what you want isn’t possible. After a few years in the same field, I don’t let most things get under my skin. But being told I’m doing my job poorly, because you want something I literally cannot do, grinds my gears.

To every Karen out there, gender does not matter, stop being rude or abusive with customer service people. Their job is to help you, and if they tell you they can’t is is probably because what you are asking is either not possible, or not permitted by their company. Oh and those surveys… almost always affect the job of the person that helped you. NOT the company. You giving Sandra a 1/10 because the company would not allow her to refund you money charged by a third party might make her miss out on a raise, or promotion, or a decent shift so she has time with her kids.

Oh and when we walk you through the steps, don’t fight about it or say we are wrong. We literally do the same thing all day every day, and your problem is likely something we have fixed hundreds of times. Just listen, believe us, and if we can’t help, just say “okay thanks anyway” and you being rude or explaining a situation to get pity will not change what we can or cannot do.

Sadly my long winded, salty complaining will never reach they eyes of the people that need to see this. But I feel better now!

Last thing, it is possible that occasionally the person on the other end actually is not good at their job… usually because they are new and don’t need treated like crap. It’s rare they just simply suck… happens, but rare.

What do you think?

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