I’ve heard a lot of reasons as to why someone can’t pay their mortgage payment… but this has to be the dumbest reason ever!

Sorry on my phone. Forgive any mistakes.

So I work for a servicer for multiple mortgage companies. As the title says I’ve heard a lot of reasons as to why a person can’t make a payment.

So borrower calls in and says has been getting calls about his February pmt.
I advised that we have been calling about the February payment as we didn’t have it yet and the end of the month is coming up.
Borrower says yes I know. But I haven’t gotten my 1098 yet and I’m not paying the February payment because you didn’t hold up your end of the bargain.

This borrower is will to shoot himself in the foot because he didn’t get the 1098 yet. Keep in mind we started sending these statements out in January. We can’t request to resend until it’s 30 days past due from 31 January. I can request but I can’t guarantee.

So I opened a work order to request they send out a year end statement as borrower said wouldn’t pay February payment until he had it. I advised to the borrower that I opened a work order to request a copy be sent out and also told him he can get a copy from the web portal. To which he said he doesn’t have a login.

I advised the work order was expected to be completed by morning of 25 February.

Then he wanted to know why we didn’t sent one out to which I replied we did in jan.
He said well I didn’t get it and I said I gather as you are inquiring about it.

Then he hung up on me.

TLDR: This guy will ruin his credit for the 1098. Which is 2 completely different things from each other.

What do you think?

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