I’ve been waiting months for someone to ask me that!


I’m gonna skip the into and make this short, if you’ve seen any of my previous posts you’ll know I’m a debt collector and people don’t really like to hear from me (surprise surprise!)

(edited cause I forgot to note: RG: Rude Guy, Me: Me)

So yeah, they called in all mad, I verified all info and mirandized them, blah blah blah and they finally asked the one question I’ve been waiting and ready to respond to for months:

RG: “Where do you get off preying on people like this?!”

Me: “Sir, I find that extremely inappropriate to ask. Please keep in mind these calls are recorded and I will be disconnecting if you insist on being inappropriate”

RG: “Fuck you you little-”

Me: “Ok, thank you, please feel free to call again when you are ready to discuss these accounts appropriately, good bye!”

I have some of the best numbers in the company so I’m not that worried about any backlash cause, yeah, technically that can be viewed as inappropriate and the managers know I’m one of their best workers. I’ve got to say though, that felt goo.. That felt really, really good.

Tldr: Guy asks me a question that can be considered inappropriate and I use that opportunity to be the smartass that I am


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