I wish somebody told me how boring this job is if there is nothing to do.


I just want to quickly share this

This is my first job ever and this is my 3 day journey so far

For 2 shifts in a row (9 hours each graveyard) we did absolutely jack shit. Even though its still on a training period.

Everytime I hear call center agents tell stories of days with no calls are blessings and something to look forward to.

However I very much disagree. This is supposed to be the 3rd day of my training and it is boring as fuck!

The job is very interesting but they left us with nothing to do but to read the script and learn about the product. However our script/work can be summed up in 4 pages of paper.

The trainer based in US was supposed to show up in a zoom call but couldn’t make it because of scheduling issue. So we were left twiddling with our thumbs in the office.

Since phones are not allowed and only a handful of website are accessible, we made due with what we got to entertain ourselves.

I learned how to play solitaire and minesweeper on hard mode and beat them all from knowing nothing. I created a debate fight in my head and started arguing about anything but eventually scrapped the idea and just started to daydream.

TL tried their best to entertain us as best as they could but I could tell that they are also very bored too.

I would rather do something so difficult every day than to work like this everyday. Time is so goddamn slow and your constantly checking your timetable in the pc and when is the end of shift.

Free coffee in the pantry taste taste like watery shit the first time but the cappuccino was very good.

Company is great, job is great, my team leader is great but if this is what I will do for the next 6 months then I will be fucking miserable.


What do you think?

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And those extra 7 minutes are worth less than R$1…

“You are not THEIR trainer”