I think your coupon is safe.:)


Yoooo this customer threw a bitch fit because I wouldn’t break policy to give him a discount using a competitor’s 10% coupon (after repeatedly explaining the guidelines while he repeatedly let me know he was giving us an opportunity here) and at the end he said “don’t use or sell my coupon– I will report you.” And quite frankly out of six years of some really rude customers, I think that may be the one that pisses me off the most.

I must say that it is a testament of my will that in response to such bullshit all I said was “I think your coupon is safe. :)” That deserves a fucking raise on its own right there.

I make more in the time it took to talk to him than what a 10% ****** coupon would give me, let alone sell for. I could google a ****** coupon. I could generate one. I could put in a fake fucking email and get one. Nobody wants your dumb fucking coupon. Take it 10 mins down the fucking road since I’ve “lost the opportunity to sell to you” and use it to buy from them. I promise you we’ll survive as a company. I imagine our stock price won’t even shudder at the loss of your shitty $400 order. Pretty sure someone’s going to come along and drop $6000-$8000 fairly soon. We’ll be fine.

The fuck out of here with that bullshit. Like I am genuinely offended right now. You’re the one that tried to barter with me over 10% and somehow you think *I’m* the desperate one in this equation???


What do you think?

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