“I need you to just be quiet and let me talk, got it?”

Happened about 5 years ago.

Woman calls into out line and I give her the general “how may I help you” introduction. She begins explaining her issue, and is pausing a lot, only continuing when I say “ok” or “oh, ok yes of course” in a polite, understanding tone. Then suddenly, she starts to get annoying with this? She says “ok look i’m going to need you to be quiet and just let me talk, got it?”

Ok. *click*

There, talk to yourself now. Not me. The amount of capacity I had at that time for rude customers (and just people in general) was incredibly low. It shouldn’t be expected of people in our job to deal with rudeness, disrespect and just downright meanness. Especially considering our shit pay.

What do you think?

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