“I need help so Im just gonna refuse to do anything you say! Hows that?!”

So i work for a call center for a bank. We recently changed the mobile app that customers sign in to. With this update all the customer has to do is do a password reset on the browser and then they will be able to sign in to the new app with those new credentials. Sounds simple right? Well not for this lady…..

D=dumb bitch

Me: Hi! Welcome to bank. How can I assist?

D: Can you see the notes on my account?

Me: I dont see any notes but how can I assist?

D: Ugh! Ive been on this phone holding for about an hour! When I sign into my browser it does not show my accounts! The other rep helped clear the cache and cookies or whatever and its still not working! Why did he transfer me?

Me: Im sorry to hear that. I would be happy to help resolve-

D: Why was I transferred though?!

Me: Ma’am im not sure. The last rep transferred you. Do you have a different browser you can use?

D: We already tried that. I used yahoo and it still didnt work.

Me: Yahoo is a search engine. Do you know if you have any other browsers on your phone?

D: Give me an example of a browser.

Me: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Microsoft Edge.

D: I dont have any of those. I only have Safari.

Me: Okay thats fine. I can help you download Google Chrome-

D: Im dont wanna do that.

Me: Okay….then do you have a different device you can use? Or is there maybe a different browser you prefer?

D: No. I should be able to use the browser I have. I dont want another one.

Me: If you dont want the new browser on your phone we can just delete it right after you sign in. You just need to do a password reset in the browser and then you will immediately be able to sign into the app.

D: No. Im still not doing that. What are my options?

Me: Ma’am I just gave you your options. You can use a different browser or try a different device….

D: No you aren’t! I know thats not necessary!

Me: I’ve told you what you need to do to fix the issue. If you dont want to listen theres nothing else I-

D: I am listening! You haven’t told me how to do anything! Can I speak to someone who can help me?!

Me: I can help you….

D: Let me speak to a supervisor!

Me: *sigh* Ma’am my supervisor is gone for the day so I will have to arrange a call back tomorrow and he’s just going to tell you to do the exact same thing.

D: Whats your name?

Me: Noodles.

D: Well Noodles Im going to call back tomorrow and tell your supervisor about….my experience with you.

Me: (totally upbeat) And you can absolutely do that. All our calls are recorded too.

D: *hangs up*

(I think I know why the last rep cold transferred her)

What do you think?

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