I guess you’ll keep washing dishes for a while

I currently work as a customer service agent for a warranty company, and I got a call from a lady that needed her dishwasher replaced. We usually give customers two options: they can get money or the replacement.

The call went a little bit like this:

– “Hello! Thank you for calling, my name is bla bla bla, how can I help you today?”

– “Look, I’ve tried to talk to multiple representatives for the last hour, and I couldn’t get a fucking update from anybody. I’ve been living without a dishwasher for almost a week now, and I’m sick of washing dishes. That’s not my fucking job. Do you speak english? I need someone who speaks english”

– “I apologize for the inconvenience, but let me help you with that! Could I please have your name and your address?”

I pulled up the account and fortunately, we already have the dishwasher ready to be ordered and it would be delivered next week. I noticed that there were multiple notes from agents that previously spoke with her. Basically, she’d been using a lot of racial slurs and didn’t let them talk.

– “Thank you for holding ma’am, we already have the replacement ready to…”

– “No no no no no, I need to know if I’m getting my dishwasher, or should I go to another company?”

– “The dishwasher is…”

– “No no no no no. Are you even listening? I. NEED. MY. DISHWASHER. NOW. Were are you located? You know what? Nevermind. I’m tired of dealing with you guys. Terminate my contract.”

– “Ma’am, your replacement is ready to be delivered, if you decide to terminate the contract you won’t be able to get it, as the claim would be cancelled automatically”

– “Thank you Sherlock! Like I didn’t know. Let me speak to a manager right now.”

Then she hung up. Mind you, we have a specific time frame to deliver the replacemnts. She would have to wait until next Monday, and chances are that the delivery date changes. Sometimes it is delayed for weeks!

What do you think?

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