For the first time in my career a customer cussed me out relentlessly and called me stupid. It really got to me.

I actually ended up getting him to a supervisor because I couldn’t take the call anymore. I was crying and so embarrassed. The first red flag was when the rep initially transferred him to me, she said it was because he wanted to “talk to an american”. The guy had a stutter and he was so mean and rude during the call. Basically, he bought a smart watch and since it didn’t successfully add on his account that we emailed him saying we will charge the full amount. I fixed the issue he called in about pretty quickly, but he kept telling me he was going to give me a zero on my survey because I told him he needed to stop cursing at me and I was here to help him. I kept assuring him we won’t charge him for the watch, and while I spoke he would interrupt me then have the nerve to say “Can you let me finish?”
I feel so embarrassed because I let him get to me so much.

What do you think?

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