Bigot… Racist… Probably!

Hey it’s Jake from State Farm again lol. Not really but I do work for an insurance company. I take calls on a daily from customers and I’m going to display 2 calls where I just wanted to die inside.

First call. Me and… let’s call him JD. I’m going to skip the verification process and non-pertinent part of the convo.

JD: I need to add this car to the policy and I want it to have the same coverages as the others.

Me: Ok sounds good I do see your other 2 vehicles have different coverages so I’ll apply the basic ones and we can fill in the gaps.

JD: ok sounds good. I do have a question though. What coverage protects me against someone who doesn’t have insurance?

Me: That would be your uninsured motorist bodily injury and your collision waiver of deductible.

JD: So I’ve had this happen to friends of mine where they were hit by someone from another country and it was a nightmare.

Me: Yeah I understand. I’m California we do have a big uninsured motorist problem.

JD: Yup. So I just wanted to make sure that in the event I was hit by some Mexican I would have coverage

Me: (long pause)

Me: Its understandable you would want protection for yourself in these cases of someone not having insurance.

Conversation goes on longer than it should. JD slid in more hate speech (subtly) and I got him off the phone 30 minutes later.

I honestly always wonder if they feel comfortable because I have my customer service voice on and they don’t know I’m black. (And yes sometimes you can tell a black voice from another over the phone). Idk, but it’s cringy AF.


Second call. This happened some time ago but it sticks in my head because I felt so damn bad for this lady.

So my customer called us to straighten out an issue and it was found that we needed to actually call her lender to fix. I offered to call on a conference call in order to prevent multiple calls back and forth.

Called the lender and a CSR picked up ready to assist. Now, she had an accent and from the sound of it, her background was probably from India but not 100%. This is important because my customer just goes off on it. Skipped typical initial call stuff and went right into it.

I am me. Racist lady = RL. Lending rep is CSR.

CSR: How can i assist.

Me: Hi, I have RL on the line and it appears we need to correct some info that is showing in our system this kind of way.

CSR: Hi RL, I am showing blah blah blah

RL: Where are you from?

CSR: Who, me??

RL: Yes you! Where are you from?

CSR: What do you mean and how is it relevant to what you need.

RL: Well I want to know if you’re in this country or not?

CSR: I still don’t see how this is relevant to me helping you.

This goes on for another minute or so.

CSR: If you must know I am in Phoenix.

RL: That may be, but you’re not from this country.

(Pauses all around) At this time, I jump in and ask the CSR for the info change and try to keep RL from talking. The CSR handles the request and I disconnect the line with her.

I am now on the phone with RL by myself and she precedes to keep going about outsourcing, this and that. I hurry her off the line and was completely shocked. Like WTF…..

What do you think?

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