Any agents have hot takes on AI?

Helloooooo agents, it’s me again. The podcast guy.

We’re still out here trying to amplify the voice of agents because let’s be real, you’re not being heard as much as you should be.

We actually just had our first Redditor on the podcast yesterday and it was awesome!

I’m looking for another agent (or past agent) to come on the show to talk about AI and technology in contact centers. I’d love to hear what you think about AI in general and talk about tools you love or hate.

We’d love to send you a $25 lunch/coffee gift card for your time to come on the podcast (after a quick chat to make sure you’re real lol).

Just leave a comment and share your experience and thoughts on the topic. I’ll follow up with a DM so we can have a quick Zoom call to get to know you.

Agents rocks, thanks for all you do.

PS anyone see we’re now sponsoring u/serantwon we’re getting serious about agents ayoooo

What do you think?

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I think your coupon is safe.:)

I am torn between “technology illiterate” and “ignorance”.