a nice one: what a difference a nice greeting from a customer can make!

me: typical friendly greeting procedure

customer: “a wonderful day beautyful woman!” (or original: einen wunderschönen Tag schöne Frau!)

no we do not have videocalls – he has no clue how i look and he did not say it in a creepy way or to get something from me, it sounded simple as a nice greeting (yes, a bit over the top).

the whole call with him was really pleasant, he was patient and understanding – in short somebody wanting to work with me to help him and beeing nice.


his greeting and whole attitude during the call made me smile genuine (not the callcenter “a smile can be heard” smile)

can we clone him? or his behaviour?

it was really an ordinary situation he was in, the call itself nothing for me to remember – i had many of this calls today – but the simple friendly and nice greeting made his call really stand out.

i wanted to post a nice situation, maybe it will cheer someone a little bit up reading about it (spreading the smile / nice feelings :-))

What do you think?

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