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This is my first time posting so obligatory apology for mistakes

I’m going to do my best to explain the situation. I work as in customer service for a drivers Ed school. None of our offices are open, we do classes on Zoom but driving instructors still meet students in the parking lot. I work from home remotely.

I got a call from a frantic mother saying her son had been waiting for an hour and half and she demanded to be transferred to someone at the specific office. I explain the offices aren’t actually open. She insists her son has been waiting for an hour and a half inside our building.

Turns out son was waiting inside but the instructor was waiting outside, because again our offices are not open. She continues to emphasize the time, even though she says she has two boys with a driving lesson, one was an hour earlier so son 2 knew and agreed to wait an hour. But whatever. She is loudly, rudely, and concisely asking me to transfer her to our specific location to speak to someone.

I put her on hold to ask and double check maybe this specific building has people and I’m not aware of it. I get resounding “we are closed”s on Microsoft teams and get the lady back on the line.

Now she is screaming and swearing at me that she doesn’t know where her son is and she needs to speak to someone to find out or she is gonna drive back to the office herself to figure out what’s going on.

Now hold on, she did not mention anything about not knowing where her son was. That is a much different situation. Okay I say to myself, throw everything else out the window, I just need to call the instructor and confirm he has the student. That’s easy.

Well that’s when the mom goes crazy. She doesn’t want to be put on hold for another 20 effing minutes, why didn’t I do that earlier. So I try to politely explain that’s not what she asked me earlier and if she just lets me put her on hold I can call the instructor. We can’t transfer etc. She goes ballistic. Lady if you chill out I can help you and solve your problem. Yeesh.

So I finally put her on hold. I’m trying to update my supervisor cause at this point I’m really hoping she will just take over the call. It’s Monday. I was sick all the last week and I don’t have the emotional strength to handle this right. She’s not letting me get a word in to ask her not to swear or yell.

Well she hangs up while she’s on hold. My supervisor agrees to call her back, thank you very much, and she sends me the call afterwards. Now this is where it turns from bad to worse for me. She is calmer with my supervisor but still not great.

She explains that her son was waiting inside, but since we don’t have any open buildings we are genuinely not sure where he was waiting and apparently had been texted by the instructor.

Now why would anyone, teenager or not, sit around for 30 extra minutes after already waiting an hour and not check his phone? I know he was on his phone since he had been texting his mom saying he was still waiting. So why am I even put in this situation in the first place???????? I was so mad. I wrote up the most passive aggressive notes I could get away with in the account. It was definitely not my best call and I hope she doesn’t leave a review.

The best/worst thing is she didn’t want my supervisor to help anymore she said she was just doing to drive all the way back their herself.

From what I can tell by piecing everything together at the end, the student texted his mom the instructor was waiting outside, and went to meet him and started his lesson. The mom took that to mean her son was somehow kidnapped because the instructor was waiting outside instead of inside?

Also she had the appointment times wrong so I really think she just super doesn’t understand how things work. I keep checking to see if she called back but no news on the account. The drive was marked complete for the whole allotted time so I’m not sure what happened there but I’m positive that kid was just on his drive the whole time and the mom screamed at me for literally no reason.

Either way she really made my Monday and entire week worse. Thanks crazy lady.


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