Why do I go the extra mile?


I’m a unicorn. In other words I’m one of those idiot reps who actually cares about the callers. I work for a company that negotiated debt. So let’s say you come in with 5k in debt to American Express, so we bring it down to 1k and take lets say 21% of the 5k. I actually think it’s a fair business. I’ve worked at call centers that are definitely rip offs (Cable) but I don’t feel like I work at one.

I work in the legal department. I work when shit goes side ways. So Amex says “fuck you im taking you to court”

It sucks but it happens.

We usually get offers but not that great so for example with that 5k we just get 3500. Sucks but it’s only cause we want you from going to court and then get fucked with a garnishment, property issues, etc,

What sucks is that if let’s say you say no I want to pay 2k. Then they come back with “fuck you now we want 5k or we’re going to court”

So today I get a guy with this situation. He’s like that’s not good enough, send it back.

Now here’s my mistake.

Everybody goes “ok no prob” send it back and let the guy get screwed.

But me (idiot) I actually care about the guy not getting fucked and warn home that it could get worse if you don’t take this. I don’t want this guy to have to give them money on his check. I don’t want him to loose his house.

But what do I get back?

Fuck you, your not doing your job. You suck.

Even though I tell him we got all your other 5 debt at 40% of what you were paying and we’re not getting anything from this deal.

He’s like I don’t care you suck.

Why do I go the extra mile? I always get screwed. Even when I get someone who says you rock, your amazing, they don’t send in a letter saying that, they don’t do he survey. Then the numbers come in and that asshole wrote something bad and I get the coaching saying that I should have done this or that.

Going the extra mile is a fools choice.


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