We can’t help you if you Don’t let us

UPDATE: they handled this much quicker than last time. We are now allowed to disconnect with ONE warning if he is even RUDE and then we document to our most senior managers.

Background: am a call center lead. If you ask for a supervisor, you get a lead. We are the highest up who work the phones. Managers manage teams, leads manage calls. For all intents and purposes, we are supervisors for the call center. We also have a lead chat to communicate.

So yesterday a customer calls in and it becomes a sup call. No big deal it happens. Except then we get a message in lead chat that he got 2 of the 3 warnings for cursing and then Demanded to be put back in the call queue. He wouldn’t tell the lead anything but his name. Wouldn’t tell her the issue and insisted on speaking with HER supervisor (which isn’t possible).

He proceeded to do this nine more times throughout the day, either hanging up if it took too long and calling back or demanding OUR supervisors and then asking to get put back into queue when we refused.

We finally piece together from his first sup call that he is demanding an order be delivered to him TODAY. An order he hasn’t even placed yet. Like just not possible sir. Literally impossible.

Some people …

I was supposed to get him but he hung up since we had a hold time.

ETA: I changed the nature of my work in order to tell this story, protect myself and have it make sense to someone not in my industry.

What do you think?

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