Third time in the space of a week in which someone has made me cry.


My manager, who is a real gent, was trying to support me when I had an extremely difficult client. (He let me take some personal time at the end so I could calm down – I didn’t cry on the call, but AFTER it ended)

We take calls about the vaccine (mostly about appointments and rescheduling them, etc) and this guy comes on, nice at first but rather quickly works himself up into a rage. He was still waiting for an appointment and I put the relevant note on his a/c, so he could get it sooner. He just hadn’t heard anything yet. He was extremely intimidating and started the usual BS of wanting to speak to a supervisor.

He kept saying he wasn’t angry at me but it was so hard not to take that shit personally. My manager told me that I’m too nice and that’s why people feel like they can intimidate me whatever way they want.

If you ever talk to a person on the phone, needing their help:

• Be nice and have patience, FFS.

• Don’t get angry. Your issue isn’t their fault. They’re TRYING to help you.

• Don’t embarrass yourself by making a fool of yourself, with shouting and screaming like a toddler. You can be damn sure that person will feel like putting a voodoo curse on you.


What do you think?

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