The Guy Who Tried To Game The System


Just because you’re a repeat guest doesn’t mean we can violate company policy for you. Just ask this guy. I’ll be Me, he will be Repeat Guest (RG).

(Ring ring)

Me: Good afternoon, (my office), this is MazdaValiant, how may I assist you?

RG: I’m looking to make a reservation for this coming winter. Is it possible to get (specific room)?

Me: I can certainly note that request, but I can’t promise it.

RG: I get you. But if you could note that.

Me: I will when we get to that point.

(I click a few icons)

Me: Okay, I have (room type) for (price).

RG: That’s pricier than usual! There’s gotta be something you can do, yadda yadda yadda…!

Me: Unfortunately, I don’t have any valid promotions going on.

RG: Is there any way I can just put down (amount) rather than (deposit required)?

Me internally HAHAHAHAHAHA No.

Me to RG: No, that goes against policy. I could be written up for that.

RG: What if I booked a two-night stay, then called back like five minutes later? I’m just trying to find a way to pare down the deposit. I have some past stays…

Me: 10 to be precise.

Me internally: Thank you for being transparent in your efforts to game the system.

Me to RG: I understand wanting to save a bit, but again, this is the policy.

Unexpectedly, he relents.

And we fill out the reservation as normal.


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