Put my 2 weeks in yesterday

I can’t even begin to explain the relief I feel. I currently work for AAA and it has become a nightmare working here. We’re short staffed in terms of dispatchers and tow drivers. So wait times are so long. But the big issue is they bought a new system called FSL. They thought it was going to replace us dispatchers. But the system is such garbage that all it has done is created 3x the amount of work. If you want to make a call a priority after it’s been placed, you have to cancel the current one and duplicate it to put a priority on it because the new system doesn’t have the option to make something a priority. You can’t see the info for a call unless you open a million things. And the information is all over the place instead of just one area.

We’ve actually had tow company’s quit over this system because it’s so bad. Yet they didn’t listen to us when we told them it would never work. They told us to shut up and be cheerleaders for it. If we were caught complaining to a garage about the new system, we got in trouble. And yet here we are. We’ve since lost several garages because of it. We almost lost one of our most important garages. They’re not our biggest garage, but they’re our ONLY garage for one of our areas down South. That was when they finally put a stop to the roll over and took a step back and realize that this system wasn’t what they thought it was. But it’s supposedly to late to go back now because they had already bought it. They have begun rolling garages into the new system again and it’s just….bad.

We have to babysit these garages. We don’t have enough people to do it. Members are waiting hours. I’ve been crying from frustration every day because of the new system and have actually lost any and all patience I had before working here. It’s effecting me at home. I’ve been having meltdowns over stupid stuff which shouldn’t be happening. I don’t know how to leave work at work…so I decided to just leave work.

Sunday was the last straw for me. 2 of the 3 major garages for our biggest area in our 1 state was moved to FSL. One of the biggest garages for another state was already on the new system. Plus a bunch of other garages but smaller ones. All from 3 of our 4 states. Yet on Sunday, I was the ONLY person working FSL for ALL the states. Meaning, I had to babysit the garages, call and update the members and find back up for the calls that the garages declined. That’s A LOT of work for one person and should never have happened.

Thankfully, it went well with my manager. He understands that the system is just that bad. Everyone hates it. He also understands that it’s making it hard from me to grieve properly because I just lost my Dad back in July, but yet, it’s like this place has turned my grief into anger. And I know it’s this place because I’m fine until I come to work. My days off, I’m fine and have a chance to cool down. But as soon as I come in, it’s just..anger. The day will be a good day and I’ll still be slightly angry about anything and everything. So it’s time for a change. I’ll miss my coworkers. They were the reason I stuck around so long. But the relief of knowing that my time with having to deal with all this bullshit is ending, is what’s getting me through the days right now.

What do you think?

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