“Mmmmhm, bye”


I hate getting this response when I wish someone a good day. It’s usually because someone got a “no” and is shocked because ya know.. the customer is alway right 🙄 /s

I always think “okay I’ll go f myself then” because that’s really what that translates to. I’m so sick of people who think they’re right regardless of policies, regulations (federal actually), etc. None of this is even set by us really.

Okay Karen, I’m sorry you’re 50 something and feel the need to throw a tantrum but my company answers to the government, I answer to my company and that’s that. I’m not going to risk my job and my company isn’t going to risk being shut down because you called 2 days before you need something done and it’s literally impossible. Go take a nap.


What do you think?

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