Irate customer who called in EVERYDAY


This was back in 2013 – 2014 when I was working tech support for a major prepaid cell phone company . A man with a virginia code would call in DAILY to complain about his internet not working . His account had hundreds of notes with multiple interactions being done on the same day , spanning months back . It was the same procedure every single time he called but The problem was that he had a very expensive unlocked phone which we cant guarantee service on , unless it’s sold by our company .

Upon answering the call he would be SO rude in telling you to shut up and listen to him . He aggressively took over the call and had you following his pace as if he was some kind of royalty . Whenever you would try to move forward or try to stop him from being so irate , he would go ape sh*t for you “not listening.” I couldn’t release the call since he didn’t use any foul language but He would belittle you and try to make you feel stupid for not handling the call his way . You really had to watch what you said or else he would use it against you In the most aggravating of ways . These were always 20min calls and Out of a year doing tech , out of the thousands of calls I took , I spoke to him about 5-7 times . The last time I recall talking to him , I finished the call then I LOST IT . I yelled something and hit my desk so hard I got the attention of everyone around me including the assistant manager . I was so LIVID when he and the assistant supervisor approached me to see what the problem was . As I was explaining the situation , I said his name and the assistant supervisor immediately knew why I had my outburst and confirmed his daily , aggravating calls . The boss told me to log off , have a smoke break and while I did that he promised they would review his account for potential de-activation due to harassment . I felt so liberated and felt such relief that I was told that because I dreaded , and even feared speaking to him . Oh how I wished I can make him feel pain for the hell he put me through , but hey it’s call center right ? We are paid to do the complete opposite .


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