I’m a lead, not a client

Edit: since there’s confusion, this post is for call center EMPLOYEES and not clients

Had a call with my manager today. Apparently all the managers had to call their leads about a conversation that happened in lead chat regarding a representative that was … not the nicest conversation. And I basically got told “I have to talk to everyone but I’m really proud of you for not being a d1ck”.

Bc I said “I’ve never had a problem with them”. And I haven’t. And a similar convo happened today where I said something similar. And i wanna be like “y’all, maybe YOU are the problem”.

I Don’t expect a rep to be super peppy with me on the phone. I am your colleague, not a client. Feel free to turn your customer service voice off. PLEASE question what I am telling you. Sometimes I’m misunderstanding you and I want you to UNDERSTAND the info I am giving you.

There is rude and there is just not catering to me because IM 👏🏽 NOT 👏🏽 THE 👏🏽 CLIENT 👏🏽

I Don’t need you to baby me. I’m here for YOU.

What do you think?

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