If I could transfer you to a manager… I would have done it already!


So I already posted 1 story and someone said they would love to hear more stories, so… here’s another.

For those of you who have not read the previous post, here’s the background. I work in a call Center as customer service for an online furniture store. And as some of you might already know, there’s a global supply chain delay where shipments are coming into the harbors but not enough works at those harbors to unload the ships fast enough, so a lot of companies have their stock on back order. And unfortunately, it’s affected us to. A lot of our items are delayed until January, February, some even late as March. Our website was updated to include this delay, but a lot of customers seem to just skip over it. So when they call, they’re upset (which I completely understand).

What I should also add, and I find it makes my job harder/worse, is that we are unable to transfer customers to other agents/representatives, managers, etc. If they want to speak to a manager, we have to email a call back request. I cannot say more than that otherwise it would give away the company I work for.

So I don’t remember the conversation exactly for this one as… this woman had ranted off *a lot*. I understand that when customers call customer service, they call upset, and I admit that about 99% of the time, I completely understand, and I try to sound very empathetic in my tone, and try to help as best I can. And if memory serves me right, this was about another item that was out of stock, but this was before the Global Supply Chain delay was widely known to all. So… I honestly couldn’t give her much of a response. Her item’s estimated back in stock date was pushed back again. She was upset that it got pushed back, and I apologized and explained to her that due to the global pandemic, a lot of our stocks have been experiencing delays, so the dates have been getting pushed back. I also added that if she didn’t want to wait so long for it, she can cancel the order at any time for the *full refund.* She didn’t like that, at all.

She quickly started yelling/screaming at me, and she started to throw insults my way, saying things about how horrible and useless I am, how (and forgive me for the swearing, but these were in her words, paraphrasing) I’m a fucking idiot who can’t do her job right, that she’ll have my job for this, and she went on and on… She asked to speak to a manager and I told her I can submit a call back request, but can’t promise they would call back, and this set her off more to repeat the above, but then she said “fucking bitch” and then hung up the call on me. It was a very rough call and I could not stop crying for about an hour. It was a rough week of calls like that. Later that day I had a similar call, but this guy was constantly interrupting me and calling me useless, and then he hung up. He called again and, unfortunately, I got him again. The moment he heard my voice, he told me and I will never forget this: “*Don’t ever pick up my call again. I don’t want to speak to someone who is as useless as you are.*”

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