Idiot who wouldn’t allow anyone to solve his problem, kept us on the phone over an hour


I work for an insurance company (auto/home). Some old man called in yesterday, angry because he has a home policy for a house he sold in June and he apparently has been trying to cancel the policy for months but he’s still getting billed. The policy is still active. He’s being rude and unreasonable.

He claimed this the fourth phone call he’s made about this. Checked the notes, and he hasn’t called since March. I asked if he’s sent in proof of the home selling or anything, he said yes, I’ve filled out all the documents you asked for and sent them in multiple times. Checked our email system, nothing there.
I asked him what number he’s called and he said some other number which i don’t recognize. Uh huh. We need the closing statement to backdate the cancellation to June.

He starts going on and on about how “we can’t keep our records straight, we have no records of him calling or sending in documents, no records that I even exist!! Who’s in charge over there? I don’t care that you’ve misplaced the documents, that’s not my problem! You know I’m a shareholder in this company and this doesn’t make me feel confident!”

At one point he said “We’re all sitting here laughing at this right now, because you’re on speaker phone! I can’t believe an insurance company is this incompetent!”

Ummm dude, maybe if you had been calling the right number this may have been resolved?

After 30 mins he escalates and demands a supervisor. I listened to that call and he was even worse. The escalation rep was trying to get him to email him the document to her direct email and he just kept fighting back. “I’ve already sent this 4 times! What happens when I send it this time? You all are incompetent! Blah blah blah”

Her patience was much greater than mine, she kept repeating to him that she’s trying to take care of this for him so he doesn’t need to call again and to please send her the documents. Each time he’d say “you aren’t listening to me, you’re just interrupting! I already sent them 4 times!!”


He also kept claiming that we already refunded him for the policy months ago, that the policy was already cancelled. We can literally look at the screen and see that this is not correct, the policy was never cancelled. So then when she told him he would be refunded after this cancellation is processed, he kept saying “your company loves giving money away! That’s not good, Hopefully you’re in business at the end of the year!” 🙄🙄🙄

Classic case of someone who wants to waste everyone’s time and feel important and not even really wanting a solution. He majorly pissed me off.


What do you think?

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