I had to mute my phone for a whole minute to laugh

So I’m in high school and I got my first job at age 16. Yup, I got a job at a call center. And not any old call center, but one that raises money for certain political parties (the direction they lean is irrelevant).

Anyways, I’m in Minnesota and making calls for some caucus in Oklahoma. We were using automated dialers, so the name and script would pop up but the phone is ringing when I see the information for the first time.

So a new call starts, I hear the ring, and then I see the name, a name so funny it must be fake. I can’t take it seriously, but I have to. And the more serious I take it the more the laughs start too bubble up. I went from giggling to get it together Redline380, we can do this.

And then he answered the phone. And not like most people answer. “Hello?” No, he answered with his name. And in a Oklahoma cowboy accent. I can picture him with his Stetson on.

“Yeah, Harry Wood speaking.”

The mute button was slammed instantly and raucous laughter ensued. I couldn’t stop! It was a combination of my immaturity and the fact this was the funniest name I came across in two years of raising money.

What do you think?

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