Holding someone hostage on the phone is not a magic ticket to fixing your problem.


There was a lady earlier today who called in for troubleshooting on one specific issue – and was pretty frazzled about it and wouldn’t stop talking. As I was trying to dig into her issue and do some troubleshooting, she kept spitballing more suggestions as to what the problem could be, kept tangenting into how frustrated and upset she was, ect.

I had to put her on hold to “dig into the issue further”. Which is essentially “shutting you up so I can hear myself think.” Every time I attempted to segue into ending the conversation so I could actually work on fixing the problem (this wasn’t going to be something I could resolve over the phone immediately), she’d start up again.

Silence does not always have to be filled. For some people, myself included, it’s just annoying and unhelpful. I’m glad you thought about the possible causes of the issue because it shows you’re at least trying to think critically, but what you’re saying simply isn’t it, and I’ll get to the bottom of this faster if I’m troubleshooting based on how I know the system is supposed to function.

I had a guy sometime last year call in about a login issue we were experiencing across the board. Even after telling him it was a system wide issue that we were actively working to resolve, this guy insisted on talking to me for **twenty minutes** about it and how it negatively impacted his business/how much money he was losing out every second he couldn’t log in/how he hoped we were still working on the problem.

It’s like they think if they don’t stop talking, we’ll somehow get it fixed faster? Or, if they talk for long enough, their voice will magically fix all their problems? No, that’s actually going to have the opposite effect. The sooner you let me off the phone, the sooner your problem will be fixed. Why can’t they understand that?


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