Got a complaint being wrongfully upheld


So we have identity checks to do. What happened was that some garbage old lady called for their husband’s record. Told them I need to speak to their husband alone and can’t have anyone helping them or I need to disconnect the call due to security. Phone passed to husband, going through identity checks, they keep pausing so it’s suspicious. Then finally I can hear the old lady assisting them so I give another warning. They start complaining about my accent and then refusing to comply. So I can’t proceed due to security reasons and advise them I need to disconnect the call. Later I get a complaint from my Team leader, they say they disagree with it but it will be investigated. Now it is being up held, even though I was just doing my job and following standard security for private information. Now I gotta sign something called an action plan. Apparently it won’t affect my contract but it would be in my record. I’m betting it will affect my chances of being renewed. Any I just gotta say these “people” trying to get you fired and ruin your life (temporarily) for such a mild inconvenience. Repulsive.

Also anyone what an action plan is?


What do you think?

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I’m beginning to think you may not want help, sir

“I’ve been a customer for nearly 20 years, you’ll have to figure it out”