For the love of God, stop complaining about hold times!


So I work in a call center hosted by a major firearms manufacturer in the US. Presently, we are very short staffed. And we are hard at work answering as many people as possible.

Cut to today:

M: “Thank you for calling (name omitted) this is John.”

C: “Do you know how long I’ve been on hold? 45 minutes! This is a disgrace and you should be ashamed!”

M: “I’m sorry for the hold, sir. We are short staffed and dealing with high volume, how can I help you?”

C: “You can help me by not sitting around with your thumb up your ass and answer when I call!”

At this point I’ve already had enough. I tell him if he curses or raises his voice one more time, I will end the call and blacklist him from further correspondences. He began yelling obscenities, so I ended the call and reported the number to management.

Callers, *stop complaining.* You are not the star of the movie, and there are many other people looking for service other than just you. You are no more important to the company than the next customer. We are here to be your problem solver, not your punching bag. Learn to accept the reality of the situation.

Not only that, call centers and their employees are constantly monitored by management for performance and quota. They do not have the luxury of slacking off or ignoring you. It hurts their metrics, and threatens to end their employment with a given company, and it hurts the company as a whole (especially with modern social media). They are working as fast as they can, often in to late hours, skipping lunches and breaks, etc. Also, talking to people on the phone for ten hours a day can be mentally taxing, especially with abusive people and other responsibilities.

You want to help hold times? *STOP COMPLAINING.* Get to the point, answer the agent’s questions simply, and they will work out a problem for you. In a world where every one is short staffed, maybe don’t be a dick to the schlub who actually showed up to take your abuse.


**Remember, the benefit of a call center is that you can get service while sitting on your lazy ass in boxers day drinking. Never having to really leave the house. The trade-off is that telephones are convenient, and allow** ***an entire country*** **to call one center. Wait your turn, enjoy the elevator music.**

What do you think?

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