For absolutely no reason

I work as a calltaker for the 3 lettered Emergency Roadside assistance provider. One day, a man calls us up, and I answer. He immediately opens with are you going to b*tch at me like the other useless c*nt or are you going to f*cking help me. I respond, calmly. Yes, I will help you. Are you in a safe location. I run through the call like normal, with this man calling myself and my other coworker every name in the book. He screams at me for asking what car he had that needed service, i finish up the call, take a five second breather.

Take another call,and then spend 7 minutes writing up a complaint about him and specifically call out all the lies he told. (Being on the phone for 45 minutes when the call was less than two minutes,etc). Afterwards my sup came over, explained I don’t need to take abuse and now with our new system they are working on more employee empowerment since we are never allowed to hang up on these members, only escalate.

Weirdest thing was it was a totally normal battery call so if he had just treated us nicely he would have been good and done in less than five minutes with a short wait time in the area. Instead he got blacklisted from the company and perma banned.

What do you think?

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“Your hold time is ridiculous!”