Customers don’t seem to know how bills work

I work at a call center for a company that provides certain utility service to people. Seems like every week I and my coworkers get a large number of calls from people that seem genuinely confused as to why we send them disconnection notices and/or when we actually disconnect their service.

Yes we do understand that many people get behind due to many circumstances that weren’t planned for, which is why We do offer ways to avoid such instances from happening as well as opportunities to have their services turned back on after it’s been shut off. There are even many agencies that they can call for them to provide a payment towards their accounts. In which we do explain during the interactions with our many customers.

However that doesn’t stop people from wanting to argue with us. We have to take anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour to explain to them that in order to not be disconnected we need regular payments, and the last payment received was 2 months prior and even at that time of payment it may have not covered fully what was owed. People swear up and down with all the excuses. That how we run the business shouldn’t be that way, they didn’t receive their bills that we emailed to them, or my favorite excuse I’ve heard thus far “but in my mind I paid the bill…” Well if you can somehow monetize your thoughts let me

We are glad to help you out as much is as allowed, but you have to actually uphold your end of our help and pay your bills!

End of rant

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