Customer demands my name to complain about me because she refused to listen


So I work customer service for my countries largest train company that drives trains in my own country and some that go to some other countries nearby.

Today some woman called because her train from a week ago had an hour delay and she had filed for compensation as we can refund a part of the travel price if a train has a certain amount of delay.

She wanted to know the status of her claim which I could not see as it belonged to a different department which I told her.

That was apparently mistake number 1 as she right away started ranting how she had been waiting “for almost an hour” while I myself had to wait for her, so that was an obvious lie on her part.

When I finally managed to get her to shut up I gave the usual “I am very sorry and apologize on behave of (Company) for you inconvenience) ” thing everyone in customer service knows and has given a billion times.

She then demanded I transfer her to the department that could help which I could not as that department does not have a phone number.

That turned out as mistake number 2 as she started another rant about how ridiculous it was.

Like, yeah, I actually do understand it’s annoying but I can’t magically press a button and *poof* they pick up a phone!

I told her I could guide her to contact them and had to repeat myself a few more time before she finally listened again.

That happened to be mistake number 3 as I literally only told her “If you go to our official website and scroll all the way down you’ll see ‘chat’-” before she cutt me off again and went ranting how hard it is to open a chat window and discuss information.

I had been about to tell her “If you go to our official website and scroll all the way down you’ll see ‘chat’, ‘phone’, ‘Twitter’ and ‘e-mail’ and if you click email the site allows you to send a email to our department in charge of claims.”

I tried to get in between her whining and ranting but she was REFUSING to listen for half a second and at a certain point I lost my patience with her wasting my time with being dumb and stubborn and raised my voice JUST a little more to get in between and tell her I was trying to eplain what to do.

That of course made her EZPLODE on how rude I was, how I was useless, How I didn’t wanna help and DEMANCDING to know my full name so she could file a complaint against me.

I already knew she was gonna tell nothing but lies so I of course refused and she had the nerve to scream I had to give her my full name according to the law.

That’s nowhere near true.

I had finally had it and told her I was done with her as she didn’t wanna listen no matter how hard I tried and I wasn’t gonna tell her my name.

She tried going on another rant on how I was afraid of losing my job because of her so I hung up.

I made a couple of notes of proof in case she did somehow whine and lie about me and went to my net call only to RIGHT away get the same B again, screaming about wanting my name and I told her the same thing as before and hung up, and took a ew minutes to myself.

I hate stupid morons who literally do nothing but whine, refuse to listen and then try to blame me for their own stupidity.


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