This why I hate this place: Super moon edition

1. Lady got mad at me for calling back numbers like 1-1-2-3-5-6. She was like no you need to read them like ” eleven twenty tree fifty six”

2. Lady was trying to be cute but sounded stupid. Me reading conformation ID for payment ” 1519″
Her ” so 15 niner 0″
Me ” Ma’am there’s no 0″
Her ” I didn’t say zero. We say niner in the military. So 15niners0″
Me” still there’s no zero though”
Her” 15 niner”
Me ” byeee”

3. Lady calls in and wants me to go over a month’s of transactions that she already has in front of her. Then gets mad when I don’t read them in chronological order to the days she purchased them vs. What I see when it’s posted. If you are that paranoid we are gonna fuck up just go with another company.

4. Guy wanted a manager because he signed up for alerts for payments. He paid his payment late then was upset he got a late payment email. Bruh your due date doesn’t change.

I quit…

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