“They don’t need to know that!”

Woman calls in to add her fiance and his car to her the insurance policy. Sure.

So I get the finance’s name, date of birth, and I ask for his drivers license number.

Her: Oh, we don’t have his license right now. The cop took it. We have to hurry and add him now, the cop will be back soon.

Fiance in the background: They don’t need to know that!

She said they hadn’t been in an accident or anything, but it smelled like insurance fraud to me so I put her on hold to figure out what to do. After being on hold for about a minute she hung up. I just put a note on the policy and that was that.

Well there doesn’t seem to be anything in our guidelines about what if a customer gets pulled over, and calls you to add insurance before the cop gets back to avoid getting a ticket/fine. Maybe I should’ve just added the car on, who gives a shit.

I guess “They don’t need to know that” guy should’ve been the one to place the call. Dude knows when to keep his mouth shut. My other theory is that she didn’t want to go along with the plan and said that shit so I wouldn’t let her add it. But who knows, so many people who call in are so so very dumb.

Moral of the story- don’t drive without insurance. And if you are going to commit insurance fraud please use our award winning app to make it happen, don’t call in.

What do you think?

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