The lawyer card

“warm” transfer customer call

rep explains customer is upset and asking for a supervisor in my dept. i seem to have a knack for these.

dutifully say i can see what i can do to assist and they patch the customer over

customer says they want a supervisor, or manager, or someone who can help them *now*, with a sprinkling of *fuckin*s thrown in

i explain i’ll need some context from their file and i may be able to help them myself; and that they’ll need to tone down the language. turns out their complaint of the company “giving them the runaround” for their claim was due to the customer not relaying the forms we had requested. forms which are normal procedure.

i tell them we can absolutely move forward once they help us help them.

customer goes from casually abrasive to aggressively livid.

they say theyre a business owner and have so many attorneys on retainer and their voice gets louder and the *fuckin*s are back

i explain that if they are repped for their claim we would need to end the conversation and discuss with their attorney directly

because, ya know, thats how attorneys work

customer says the forms werent needed when the policy started

i explain this isnt for the policy its for their claim and is normal procedure

i usually explain these types of things several times a day. so my perky-professional voice apparently came across as *flippant*

customer demands my full name and “ID number” to lodge a complaint

i tell them there is no obligation on me to share a last name or any “co. ID#” aka *fuck off*

customer tells me that the company handbook says i need to give this information when asked! first name! last name! ID#!

i tried not to audibly chuckle and politely declined again.

customer does the classic “this call is being recorded, right?”

i tell them its random, but probably, and again warn they’ll need to tone down the language

they go for third time as the charm and demand name/ID again, then dive into a new tirade of *fuck*s

mysteriously, the line dropped from my side right in the middle of them yelling *shrug*

thirty seconds later, new customer on the line, and they were very polite and nice.

saying you have an attorney isn’t a magic card.

yelling and swearing at the person trying to help you just, doesnt usually end well, for you.

maybe be nicer idk.

What do you think?

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