Systems down, but still have to take the calls


So I’m WFH, I clock in and get everything up. Phones ringing as soon as I log in. Can’t access the systems we use to look up customers, finally get one system to kinda work…well now it’s past my lunch and the systems are still not working and we still are being told to take calls and “get the saves”.

My lead is new, he has been on us all day because our numbers are horrible (no shit! We can’t even help answer simple questions due to systems not working) and that we “need to do better or evaluate why we are performing so badly”…sorry buddy, but if I can’t even see the customers account and try to fix any issues they have of course they are just going to want to cancel…I’m actually very happy I haven’t had a call in hours and I’m starting to think that even though I’m logged in the phone system might also be effected for me (many others can’t even log in).

A lot of others took advantage of the unpaid time off that was available earlier so I can’t even clock out if I wanted to right now.

So plus side I’m being paid to sit here and it doesn’t look like any calls have come into the department since noon either 🤷


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