Sorry to the call center receptionist I hung up on!


I was talking to a call center receptionist regarding my health insurance, and she said the usual “at the end of this call there will be a survey” blah blah, and I said ok, and was planning on rating her highly because she was very helpful. However, after she said that and summarized the call, I said thank you for your help, she said thank you and stay healthy, and I said thank you very much you too, and she said thank you again, and I hung up. I think that’s about how it went.

The way she said the last thank you made my brain go “she can’t hang up, you as the customer have to hang up” and I ended the call. But then I immediately remembered the survey thing.

Is this a big deal? Thanks again and I’m sorry!


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“What is a subject?”

“You don’t deserve to have a job!” Debatable, but you’re still wrong.