On a side note I looked her up on Facebook…

I had a caller who I spent a lengthy hour talking to about her grown son’s insurance. And in the midst of this conversation which I spent most of the time listening, she mentions that she had gathered some phone numbers and emails from various employees of my company. She talked about messaging them on cellphones and messaging them via email and how many of them simply stopped responding. One of the employees interestingly stopped working for our company and messaged her at one point with colorful language to stop messaging her since she no longer worked for the company 😄

Anyway as she is telling me this I get the idea that she intends for me to do the same and provide her with some of my contact details. Which I had no intention on doing especially since she interestingly seemed to be able to recall the first and last names of every employee she mentioned during the course of the call. Basically I identified her as “note taker” and those are the type of callers I try my best to avoid further interactions with since they require so much hand holding.

Now as a side note we are not required by our company to give out our contact details or even our last names, but some of my coworkers apparently like the extra work because they provide this information.

Anyhow, this member proceeds to confirm my decision never to give out my personal details, because she proceeds to tell me a story. She says to me, “I couldn’t get in contact with my rep and she never seemed available, which is crazy! On a side note though, I did look her up on Facebook and found out that she is a grandmother with lots of grandchildren. So they must keep her pretty busy…”

If I did not have a headset I would have dropped the phone. I just could not fucking get it….like when did we get to a point that I have to be concerned about these crazy ass people looking me up on Facebook. Like ma’am why are you looking up these people on social media?? 🙄🤣

Somehow I felt fully violated and it wasn’t even me she looked up. I mean all of my stuff is private, she couldn’t look even if she tried, but it just was mind boggling that someone would take the extra step to look up one of my coworkers on their social media. Wtf…

What do you think?

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