No Pressure


So in my youth I worked in technical support for a (mostly) game company. One of the products I supported was personal organization software that can bundled with Macs. It was kind of buggy but people that liked it REALLY liked it. It didn’t have a separate installer, it was installed when you installed the OS. We didn’t like to manually install it over the phone because it tended to take a long time walking people though dragging things where they go.

So one time I got a call from an older lady that needed to install it on a new computer. She needed to install it because it had her doctors contact information (she couldn’t remember his name much less phone number) and she had just had some sort of medical event where is lost her equilibrium .. like just then. I urged her to call 911, but she insisted we install the program. So i walked her through it and she was able to get the number.

So that is how i saved someone’s life in tech support.


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