My hero


Not my tale but a coworker’s. On mobile yadda yadda.

I had a caller a while back who was irate and asked for a supervisor, and luck of the draw, my friend Tee got the call. I’d been chatting with her so she knew what was up with the caller. And when I transferred the call, I muted my mic and listened.

Lots screaming in the bg, parents yelling at the kid, and caller is swearing up one wall and down the other. My friend is sticking to her guns and reiterating exactly what I told the caller in the first place.

This ramped up the ugly by about 1000%, and the caller screamed “EFF YOU!!!!!”

To which my friend replied, without missing a beat, “YOU TOO”

She’s all worried that her call will get pulled and she’ll get fired, but omfg, that woman is my hero!!!


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