Just got off the chat with an overly panicky local judge.


He said at some point the files he’s backed up all has to do with his application as a local judge. I was helping him check which files have been backed up.

Me: Okay, open Migration Assistant then Restore from Time Machine backup.

Cx: Omg is this gonna restore my backup?

Me: No. Basically later it’ll show which files were backed up. Stop there and don’t hit Continue, or it may duplicate your files.

Cx: It’s asking for a password, what do I do?

Me: Either enter your login password or the one you used for backup.

Cx: It’s saying changes will be made? Will this ruin my computer? Will I not be able to start it again?

Me: No. This is normally done to restore backups, so it’s asking you if it can make changes as a security measure.

(Later in the chat…)


Me: Did you see the files yet?


Me: It won’t restore unless you saw the files and hit Continue. Did you?


Me: Yes, we did, to get to those files. I’m asking once you saw the files, if you even did, then did you hit Continue?

Cx: Do I press back?

Me: Send a picture how it looks.

Picture shows their external drive being read and it very clearly states it’s checking resources. He’d make a pretty fucking terrible job if he can’t comprehend what’s already on his fucking screen.

Me: Nowhere does it say it’s backing up. It’s checking resources/checking files available.

I should note this is the 5th time I’ve had to repeat this.

Cx: ok, good. So do I eject now?

What a fucking moron.

Me: Well, have you seen the files yet as you wanted?

Cx: no

Me: Then don’t, until you see the files as you wanted to do so.

Cx: Can you call me

And so I set him up for phone support. I had to notate he’s overly panicky and specifically noted too that they may have to assure him a couple times that everything’s fine and working the way it should.


What do you think?

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