In which we learn what ‘minimum’ means


Caller: I need to get my booster shot.
Me: Has it been at least 5 months since your second dose?
C: No, but I’m going over seas in one month and I want the booster before then.
M: I’m sorry, but the authorisation on immunisation has already reduced the interval for booster shots to the barest minimum, which is 5 months. But it’s okay to get it late, so when you return …
C: But when I got my second shot, the doctor could give it to me after only 3 weeks, even though the recommendation was 6 weeks.
M: Yes. At the time there was an outbreak that needed to be dealt with, so the authority on immunisation redued the interval between the first and second dose to the minumum, which was 3 weeks. (for Pfizer)
C: Right. So why can’t I get the same thing for the booster?
M: 5 months *is* the minimum interval for the booster.
C: Can I talk to my docter about it?
M: Of course. But they would have to administer the booster themselves, because 5 months is the minimum allowed interval, and none of the booking websites will let you get it any sooner.
C: Isn’t there any wriggle room?
M: Two weeks ago, yes. The minimum then was 6 months, but they were allowed to shave it down to 5 months, *which is the minimum*, if you were travelling overseas. But then Omicron happened, and now it’s 5 months interval for all boosters.
C: There has to be wriggle room.
M: The wriggle room has been eliminated. 5 months is the **minimum**
C: I’ll talk to my doctor then.
M: Thanks for your time

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