I’m not getting off the phone until I speak to a manager


This one happened to me today. This customer called in and apparently was told that a manager would call him back and they never did. Internally that means the problem he had was already solved and he didn’t like the outcome and wants something for nothing. In this case he wants us to fix a tv that he damaged while trying to move it. A tech was sent out to him and the tech let us know the panel was badly cracked. we informed him that the warranty doesn’t cover cracks and tough tits for him maybe be careful next time. So now he wants a refund or a replacement and wants to speak to a manager.

Customer: I would like speak to a manager now I requested a call back days ago and no one called me back

Me; What was the issue you would like a manager to assist you with

Customer; you wont fix my fucking tv and I want a replacement or refund because its still under warranty

Me: No you’re tv panel was cracked the warranty doesn’t cover cracks. We wont be refunding or replacing this unit. A manager is going to tell you the same thing but I can take your number down and have someone call you back

Customer: So you wont fix it because of a little crack

Me: Sir its not a little crack its a giant crack I can see that from the picture you sent to us.

Customer: So what am i supposed to do now!?

Me: Be more careful when moving your tv next time

Customer: I want to talk to a manager and I’m not hanging up until I speak to one”

I disconnected the call


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