I’m finally ready to quit.

It’s been a year. A full year at this job. I took the job when Covid first hit and I was temporarily laid off (“two weeks to flatten the curve!”) for an indefinite period of time. On a whim I applied to a customer care role at a major ISP after 5 weeks on UI. It sounded good enough at the time—full benefits, RAP and 401K matching at 6%, free services, the whole 9 yards.. oh, how naive I was. This job has crushed my spirit. I did every possible thing I could to succeed, I took on a role of helping train new hires, have been a top performing agent in my center month after month, and was set to move up to the next “tier” of representative this month…. Until I hung up on someone a month ago. I snapped. 10 hour shifts of being an underpaid, unlicensed therapist to adult babies who verbally abuse and berate us at length while I’m being rushed to get off the call and onto the next one. Well, finally I lost it. A grown man kept screaming that I “FIX IT!” In regards to a service interruption and I couldn’t resist.. I hung up. And foolishly told my supervisor. Well, this barred me from being eligible for any promotions for 6 months. Now, don’t get me wrong… I did it to myself, but I can’t help but feel like I’ve set myself free. The pay has been so lucrative that I wasn’t brave enough to look elsewhere for a job, but after watching the higher ups spend weeks deliberating whether they should fire me or just issue a “final warning” without once asking why I felt I couldn’t continue that call, I knew it was never going to get better. Now, I’ve had a few promising interviews and am planning how I will spend my remaining days of PTO after I receive an offer. This past year has been such a blur of nothingness. When I’m not angry and bitter, I’ve just been numb. Now, just the prospect of leaving has breathed new life into me. I feel free!

What do you think?

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