I’m finally leaving.


6 years. 6 *bastard* years.

I know I should have left sooner, but I just became comfortable. I hated the job but I could *do* the job even though the salary was shit. This place is finished though, beginning of the pandemic they laid off half of the staff. Went from about 100 to 50 people and have since lost 20 of the people they kept. Like rats fleeing from a burning building, the office has lost some really good people as well, what’s worse is that they haven’t adequately replaced them as they’re going which puts more demand on whoever is left over and whilst all this happens the expertise of the former staff is lost forever – it takes 6 months to get a point where you can stand on your own two feet.

I got a job with a friend who recently left the helpdesk, he was there longer than me, the new place knew I was applying and pretty much took me straight away, much better salary, private health insurance, possibility of working from home and *a bonus*. *A bonus guys…* it feels like I’ve won the lottery. Since the new place is expanding my friend happened to mention it to a few others here and they’ve all applied whilst putting his name down as a recommendation. So me and 6 others could potentially join the new company and he’ll get a hefty reward whilst clearing out what’s left of this office.

On the one hand though, I lasted 6 years in a call center. At least I know I can hold a job down.

No more SLA’s, no more snarky emails about call quality and going to the bathroom, no more entitled customers, lazy corporate clients, no more bank holidays and no more Christmases.

I’m finally leaving.



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