If it’s not free 2 day shipping… it costs too much…

Being an online only supply store that orders have to be shipped out to you, we get numerous calls a day about the same thing… shipping. Everyone has this Amazon mentality that shipping is free and will always go out the same day.

So we see a range of order sizes, from the small orders of a couple cases of product to the insanely large where an entire semi is filled with pallets of product. I’ve seen shipping costs in the thousands of dollars, enough to make your heart palpitate.

My favorite calls are the ones who want to argue that their shipping is $20. 🤔😆 These customers fight the hardest. I think I’ve heard just about every insult or bargain over this $20.

“$20!??, that’s outrageous! I’ll get it tomorrow right?”

“What do you mean Ground shipping takes up to 5 business days? You don’t have a local store to send this from?”

“This other company will let me order the same thing and it’s free shipping, can’t you price match that?”

“I am not paying that or your handling fee, I’ve been a customer since December and have ordered multiple times (in reality, 2 times) and this is how you treat your loyal customers?”

“I live in the same city as your warehouse, can’t you just leave my order outside the warehouse door and I’ll come pick it up. I promise I’ll waive the liability if it goes missing if I don’t make it on time.”

“Your company is big enough to give free shipping for smaller orders, how do you expect small business owners to get started if you’re charging them shipping and handling fees?”

“Oh and I need this by tomorrow, preferably by noon cause I need this supply for a demo at a major expo, how come I don’t see Tracking in my email yet?”

People fascinate me… 🤔

What do you think?

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