I want your last name and badge number

I had a woman call in today because she couldn’t get Netflix to work on her tv it kept saying her password was incorrect. I instructed her to call Netflix because we don’t handle account issues.

Janet: So you can’t help me

Me: No because your issue has nothing to do with the tv

Janet: But I’m using the app on your tv

Me: Still has nothing to do with issue like I said call Netflix.

Janet: So what am I supposed to do no

Me: You call Netflix!

Janet: I want to speak to your manager

Me: No, is there anything else I can help you with today?

Janet: I want your first and last name and badge number

Me: No thank you for calling placeiwork have a great day ma’am

I put the phone on mute

Karen: Hello! Hello! I want to speak to a manager. I know you’re there Hello! MANAGER NOW! You Fucker FUCK YOU.

Shell called back a second third and forth time. Since I’m the only agent on the phones today she kept getting me i would answer and she would immediately hang up.

What do you think?

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