“I need help with my bloobly” – wholesome miscommunication

Just remembered this from a while back, it’s actually just a cute moment where English wasn’t the customer’s first language, and I was being a bit dim, but we got there together!

C: I need help to work the bloobly on my device, its not connecting

Me: I’m sorry I didn’t quite catch that, the ….?

C: bloobly. It won’t connect to my other device

Me: …. the blooo….

C: blooo… bleeeeeth

Me: oh! Blue..tooth…[speaker]?

C: [as relieved as I am we both figured each other out] yes!

Me: *ok let’s get you sorted etc etc*

He was a lovely man and very patient with me while we deciphered each other (with my accent must have been as hard for him too) It was just one of those “eureka” moments and made me smile 😊

What do you think?

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