i did it. i hung up on a customer.


(context) i made one thing my goal when i started call center and heard others talk about it: do not hang up on anyone. apparently that’s a thing to hang up on a customer?? idk i haven’t ever had a job to work with a phone much.

i work for a 24/hour business. members pay a yearly fee to receive up to a certain amount of calls aka services a year.

this woman calls in and off the bat she’s screaming in the phone and i am not phased, people do this all the time. i start to ask her for her member id, but she won’t let me ask before she interrupts: “my name is _____ _____ y’all are charging me and i don’t understand whÿ and you guys are st3^ling from me!!!” “ma’am let me look at your member-“ “you guys are chærging me! why are you charging me?!” “ok ma’am let me pull up your history and see-“give me to your BOSS! i need to speak to your BOSS” “alright ma’am is this service related or your membership?” “y’all are charGiñg me!!!” “ma,am i don’t understand-“ “god you’re an idiot! no one here knows what they’re talking about this going there and they made me pay for my service that day! they said they would CaLl me back!” “alright, so this is a service complaint. let me get you over to them-“ i transferred the call (we are taught to do a warm transfer), only to be on hold for a while, i waited and thought very hard… I DO NOT COME TO WORK TO BE VERBALLY ABUSED!!!! i waited a little longer, then cancel the transfer, picked up the phone so she was taken off hold, and hung up on her.

i hope she takes a break before she calls us again.


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